Last Updated: March, 2017

Yes you can set up your sales on a cash basis & have your purchases on an invoice basis.

Try it on your Demonstration Company: Login to Surf Accounts > Settings > VAT setup.

  • Scroll down to VAT Basis and select the relevant (Cash or Cash Receipts Basis,) from the dropdown provided.
  • Choose your Sales VAT Basis, Purchase VAT Basis VAT Reporting Period and VIES Reporting Period.

Not at present, this is an add-on we will have in the future. For now, to enter a wages payment you simply enter a non supplier payment.

Try it on your Demonstration Company: Login to Surf Accounts > Banking > Payments > Quick Add.

  • Enter a Non-Supplier Payment and post this to the Wages & Salaries nominal code 301.

Yes there is an invoice tool within Surf Accounts that allows you to create stylish, professional looking invoices which you can email to clients or print or save these to PDF etc.

Try it on your Demonstration Company: Login to Surf Accounts > Accounts > Sales Invoice

  • Customer: This is where you make the selection of a customer to raise an invoice for, if you are unsure of the code to enter, click on the lookup magnifying glass icon.
  • Invoice Number: As you may notice the screen is saying Auto, this is from the settings, if you have your numbering set to ‘Automatic’ you don’t need to enter anything in this field, if it is manual, you will need to enter in an order number.
  • Ref Number: Use this field to enter any reference number you may have.
  • Quote/S.O. No: This lookup will allow you to turn any outstanding quote/order into an invoice. When you click on the lookup and select a quote, it will automatically fill in all the fields with the same detail as your quote.
  • Invoice date: Enter the date your invoice has been raised.
  • Due Date: Enter the date the invoice is due.
  • Account Manager: Anyone that has a login to Surf Accounts can be selected as an account manager. This is often used when separate users are dealing with separate customers, really good for reporting purposes.
  • Template Set Use: Select the print template you wish to use for this invoice. See Settings section for Print templates.
  • Address Details: This will pull from the details entered for your Customer/Prospect.
  • Attach: You are able to attach documents, jpeg etc. To your Quotes/Orders/Invoices etc. In Surf Accounts by clicking on the lookup button and selecting your doc etc.

Yes you can. We have two options when it comes to importing your data.

Try it on your Demonstration Company: There are 2 options available.

  • You can do a manual import yourself: You simply login to your previous package and export the desired information to .CSV (Excel file) and save to your computer.Go to Surf Accounts Settings > Imports > Select the relevant file you want to Import. Surf Accounts will then give you an Excel spreadsheet to fill out the relevant detail. You go back to the file you have exported from your previous package and copy & paste the information into the correct cell on your Surf Accounts template.
  • We can handle the import for you (free of charge). Once you have signed up to Surf Accounts, please let a member of our support team know you wish to import data from an existing package.We will then go through a routine checklist to see what you want to export and obtain relevant reports to cross-check the data, logon and take a backup of your data.

You cannot scan Bank Statements, but we have a better alternative. With our bank imports option you can simply login to your banking online and export your bank statement to Surf Accounts.

Try it on your Demonstration Company: Log onto your online banking > export bank statement to CSV (Excel) > Save to your computer.

  • Once you have done this go into Surf Accounts and go to Banking > Bank Import > Add > Select the bank account you would like to import the information to > Select which bank you are importing from > Choose if you would like to bring in ‘All transactions’ ‘payments only’ or ‘receipts only.
  • This will generate all of the transactions and you simply go through each and allocate a customer, supplier, or nominal code to each transaction.

Yes, here at Surf Accounts we offer FREE training to all paying customers. Once you sign up you just choose when you wish to attend from the available training days.

We offer both in-house & online sessions, free of charge. Our online sessions are hosted every second Thursday from 10am-12pm and our in-house sessions are hosted every second Friday in our Training Centre at Surf Accounts HQ in Tallaght form 10am-12pm.

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